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about us

Founded nearly 20 years ago, Pacific Tek has long established itself as innovative pioneers in the Valve Exerciser and Vacuum Excavator industry. With over 50 years of field experience, Pacific Tek founders have used their knowledge to create innovations, such as the Angled Vacuum Tank (1997) and 180° Swivel Mount Valve Operator (1999), that are too often imitated but never duplicated!

Pacific Tek offers several options on their vacuum excavator models and valve exerciser units: hydraulic, gas or diesel drives and truck, trailer or skid mounted units with a variety of configurations!


The Power-Vac series from Pacific Tek was originally designed to work with valve operators for valve box clean out & catch basin cleaning, but have become a popular method of non-destructively finding utilities & pipelines through vacuum excavation. These units come in skid, trailer, and truck mounted units with 9 basic tank sizes and over 100 different configuration options depending on your needs. The larger tanks have a reverse flow option where, at the flip of a lever, flow is reversed in the system allowing you to pump liquid or slurry out to a higher elevation, or free up pickup hose clogging by having air exit the hose.


The Pacific Tek product line includes their vehicle mounted valve operators and a line of transportable vacuum excavating units. Together, they are the core of an underground valve maintenance system. The basis of Pacific Tek’s system, the ability to clean out valves, excavate lines, and to safely operate underground valves can be found in one compact unit that can be either truck or trailer mounted. Model options include the PT-8, the PT-25, and the PT-1000SH “Arm Valve Operator”.


The Valve & Vac Swingers were originally a request by customers who needed to be able to do multiple valves on a corner without re-positioning their truck. Thus, the Valve & Vac Swinger System was created to allow just for that. This unit can be mounted on a truck or trailer and rotated 180°, giving you an extended reach (Long Reach) up to 30 in. with the gate runner or truck mounted valve operator. In addition this unit is equipped with a vacuum excavator or pothole machine that can clean out valve boxes & catch basins.


The Power-Vac models can be combined with water jets, air compressors, valve operators, core drills, truck beds, cranes, lifts, custom lighting, and storage to deliver complete truck mounted systems. Vacuum trucks are a good way of getting multiple uses out of your vehicles and also have a small profile in traffic. Any of the 9 available Power-Vac units can be truck mounted in addition to being combined with truck mounted valve operators and water jet systems. Some additional popular options include data collection systems with complete GPS mapping of work orders, which generate reports at the click of a button.


Fully Integrated Field Mapplet Software is available in combination with Pacific Tek’s valve operators for a complete valve maintenance solution. Scheduling and valve assignments can be exercised to field crews based on any customized query, including valve exercise history and map grid data. The GPS and Digital Compass integration allows support to pinpoint locations and routing to remote or hard to locate valves. Additional features include access to on-site valve turning history, GIS reference map within specific valve exercise workflow, and support for “auxiliary tasks” such as redlining of facility GIS data.


A variety of compatible accessories are available for enhanced and efficient equipment operation. Products include trigger handles, vacuum and jet wands, extra storage racks, hydraulic hatch options, telescoping hoses / booms, power brooms, and lighting packages.

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