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PT8 Valve Exerciser / Valve Turner / Valve Operator
for Valve Exercising / Valve Turning / Valve Operating


PT-8 Valve Exerciser by Pacific Tek

PT8 Standard Features:

  • Handles can be positioned for either one-man or two-man operation.
  • Built in torque adjustmemnt with readout for safe start-up.
  • 0 to 60 RPM turning speed and directional control in one, twist grip handle.
  • Produce up to 350 ft. lbs. of ruse lockout to withstand 800 ft. lbs. safely.
  • Reversible and resetable LED revolution counter built in.
  • Can be used alone with it's lightweight hydraulic power unit (Model PU-2g, or as a helper to the truck mounted valve operator on valves located off the street.)

Eliminate potential lower back injuries and let the PT8 turn your underground gate valves. Can be used alone with it's lightweight, hydraulic power unit, Model PU-2G, or as a helper to the truck mounted valve operator on valves located off the street. This versatile and lightweight tool let's the operating person stand still while it does the turning. Get accurate revolution counts on your valve operations. Use as part of an exersizing program or to quickly effect valve shut-downs when they're needed. The built-in torque adjustment let's you start out low and work your way up to the torque required.

pt8 valve exerciser kits: trailer & carriage

Model Identification Description
PT8 Kit Portable hand held PT8 Valve Exerciser. Self contained mobile cart, gas engine powered class II hydraulic power station. Hydraulic oil reservoir, 25' of twin hydraulic hose with flat face quick disconnect fittings
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