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PV100 Vacuum Excavator
for Vacuum Excavation / Potholing

PV100 Vacuum Excavator

Click here to contact Pacific Tek, or call us toll-free @ 1-800-884-5551 for more information, bid specifications, or availability of a "Power-Vac" to meet your application needs.

pv100 power vacuum trailer packages

PV100-T PV100-D1W-T
PV100-PT1000-D1H-T PV100-PT1000-D1HW-T
PV100-PT26-D1HW-T PV100-PT26-D1HW-T

pv100 skid mounted vacuum excavators

PV100 PV100-D1 PV100-D1W

8' x 8' Skid Package

BAS Skid 100

PV100 Vacuum Excavator

PV100 Vacuum Excavator

options available: consider these when purchasing a vacuum excavator unit

Remote Start Aux Tool Circuit Kit (T) Small Drip-Pan Flood Lamp Set
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