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PV350 Vacuum Excavator

PV350 Vacuum Excavator Trailer

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pv350 power vacuum trailer packages

PV350-T PV350-W-T PV350-D1W-T
PV350-HO-T PV350-HO-W-T PV350-DHO-T


PV350 PV350-W PV350-D1W
PV350-HO PV350-HO-W PV350-DHO

options available: consider these when purchasing a skid mounted unit

Reverse-Flow (R) Vacuum Reverse Flow - Pushes liquids out of the hose or decanting valve off the back of vacuum tank
Telescoping Boom - Tank mounted (B) Manually operated telescoping hose support boom. Extends 6' to 10'. Mounted to the top of the debris tank. Includes travel rest, safety travel pins, reinforcement to tank for mounting
200 Gallon Water Upgrade (W200) In most cases, this increases GVW Rating of trailers. Upgrade an above 350 gallon debris tank system to hold 200 gallons of water - Includes (2) #6,000 axles, reinforced fenders (water tanks mounted onto fenders), material, plumbing both tanks
Large-Drip-Pan Steel drip pan for Vac PV250, PV350, PV500, PV800 (USED FOR FLATBED APPLICATIONS)
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