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The Pacific Tek products include our vehicle mounted valve exercisers and a line of transportable vacuum excavating units. Together, they are the core of an underground valve maintenance system. The ability to clean out, excavate to locate valves and lines, and to safely operate underground valves all in one compact unit that can be either truck or trailer mounted is the basis of our system.

The valve exercisers include the PT8 portable unit, the PT26 heavy duty operator, and the PT1000 that features a power head slide track.The PT26 and PT1000 can be made “smart” with the addition of our data logger or a complete GIS management system.

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AI System/GPS
PT1000 Valve Exerciser
0 to 850 ft lbs
0 to 25 RPM
PT26 Valve Exerciser
0 to 1,800 ft lbs
0 to 40 RPM
PT8 Valve Exerciser
0 to 300 ft lbs
0 to 50 RPM
Not Available
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